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Treating Nerve Root Pain

Ray Shoulders
Ray Shoulders

Nerve root pain originates in a nerve in the spine. Our nerves carry messages about sensations and control of muscles to our brain. When there are disorders of nerves, this can cause pain, numbness, increased sensitivity or weakness of muscles.

There are two common spinal locations where people typically have nerve root pain.

“In the cervical spine nerve root pain is typically a result of spondylosis, which is more commonly referred to as arthritis,” said Ray Shoulders, a pain specialist and medical assistant with Texas Pain Relief Group in Hurst. “In the lumbar spine, nerve root pain is more likely related to compression of the actual nerve root as it exits the spine. This is most commonly referred to as a slipped disk.”

The Dallas pain specialists with Texas Pain Relief Group approach treating nerve root pain a number of ways, depending on severity, duration and other aspects of the patient’s medical history.

“When treating nerve root pain you can try medications like Gabapentin Neurontin , or Lyrica. Sometimes medications like Cymbalta help as well,” Ray said. “These medications serve as neuromodulation of nerve pain receptors. In short, they change the way signals from nerve pain are felt.”

There are also more interventional approaches that can be taken. Nerve blocks can help reduce inflammation surrounding the nerves and help block or reduce nerve pain that is felt.

“Traditionally medication therapy and injection therapy have been considered non-aggressive approaches to treating nerve pain,” Ray said. “Advanced cases of nerve pain may require orthopedic spine intervention.”

The prognosis of nerve pain depends the underlining causes. In most cases its fair.

“Nerve pain does not last forever, especially here at Texas Pain Relief Group,” Ray said.

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Treating Nerve Root Pain
Dallas pain specialist Ray Shoulders of Texas Pain Relief Group in Hurst talks about the treatment options available for nerve root pain.
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