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Get the Facts About Cancer Pain

Having cancer changes your life. It affects your health, your work, and your family. And as anyone who has had cancer can tell you, the treatment for cancer can sometimes seem as arduous as the disease itself. While there are many types of pain that can be caused by the cancer due to tumors that press on bones, nerves, and soft tissues, some cancer pain can be caused by the cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. If you are experiencing cancer pain, learning to manage this discomfort can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Pain relief can help you to sleep, exercise, and take part in the activities you love.

Types of Cancer Pain

Pain caused by cancer can take many different forms. The most common include nerve pain, bone pain, and soft tissue pain.

  • Nerve pain – Tumors, especially in their latter stages, can press on nearby nerves. Spinal nerve compression is especially common. Neuropathic cancer pain will usually take the form of a radiating or electric sensation. The pain will feel as if it is shooting from one part of the body to another, often from the back into one of the extremities. Additional symptoms may include vision or hearing loss, vertigo, muscle weakness, or paralysis in certain parts of the body. Nerve damage can also occur due to surgery for cancer treatment.
  • Bone pain – If cancer has spread to the bones, the result may be localized, chronic pain. Tumors in the bones can weaken bones and make them more susceptible to fractures. In addition, nerves in and near the bones may be compressed as tumors grow. Some of the most common sites for bone metastasis include the hip bone, leg bones, upper arm bones, and the skull.
  • Soft tissue pain – Soft tissue pain due to cancer, also called visceral pain, may feel like a deep ache or throb. Sarcoma tumors, or tumors that develop in connective tissues, usually begin as painless lumps or areas of swelling. Over time, however, these tumors can cause intense pain by pressing on nearby nerves and muscles. These tumors can also disrupt normal bodily functions. The legs and abdomen tend to be the most common sites for sarcomas.

Cancer Pain Treatment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Battling cancer is a fight on multiple fronts. Not only do you need to treat the cancer itself, but you also need to deal with the other emotional and physical repercussions of the disease. If you are experiencing cancer pain, the experts at Texas Pain Relief Group can help. Our dedicated team of pain management specialists has extensive experience treating most types of cancer pain. By helping to isolate the source of your discomfort, we can create a targeted, customized pain relief plan that can help you enjoy your life more as you deal with cancer. With clinics in Plano, Irving, Grapevine, Frisco, and the surrounding areas, getting the cancer pain relief you need is now close to home.

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Get the Facts About Cancer Pain
Cancer can have a significant impact on both the site of the cancer and the rest of the body, often causing enhanced pain. Our pain specialists in Dallas can effectively treat cancer pain.
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