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Radio Frequency Ablation

Get Relief from Knee Pain at Dallas-area Pain Relief Clinics

Is that knee pain starting to limit your daily tasks? Texas Pain Relief Group has experience treating knee pain through a procedure known as radio frequency ablation.

What Is Involved in Radio Frequency Ablation?

Radio Frequency AblationWhen you visit one of our pain management offices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region, one of our pain relief specialists will place radio frequency nodes along the knees where the pain causing nerves are present. While we rely on you to let us know where to place the electrodes, we can move them at any time if you don’t feel a sensation of relief. Then a cooling radio frequency pulse is sent out and reacts with the nerves. This reaction reduces the pain signals sent out by those nerves, thus resulting in pain free movements.

The typical recovery period for the radio frequency ablation is two or three days. If a patient experiences a recovery time greater than that, they should contact their TPRG physician.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Radio Frequency Ablation?

In most cases patients remain awake during the radio frequency ablation procedure. The benefit of this is the elimination of risk associated with general anesthesia.

Complications are rare, but occasionally patients may experience skin numbness around the area treated, or temporary pain or discomfort around the area treated.

Stop Suffering and Start Living

Chronic knee pain can put you on the sidelines of life. Together, you and a Texas Pain Relief Group physician can discuss the potential of a Radio Frequency Ablation for pain relief!

Radio Frequency Ablation

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