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Lumbar Sympathetic Block

For Patients with Lower Back Pain in Dallas-Fort Worth

For patients with lower back pain it can seem like an endless struggle to get to a point where your pain is no longer playing a major role in your day to day life. For patients who experience chronic pain, they have often first sought out other pain management treatment optoins with little or no success.

The Lumbar Sympathetic Block Procedure

Lumbar Sympathetic BlockA lumbar sympathetic block should only be administered by a health care professional. Our pain management specialists in Dallas, TX are experienced at correctly administring injections to patients

During a lumbar sympathetic block injection, a health care professional will insert a small needle into or around the sympathetic nerves, which are located in the lower back on the sides of the spine. The contents of the injection are typically local anesthetic and, if necessary, epinephrine, clonidine or a sterioid medication.

Once the injection is administered to the problem area, the problem areas in your lower back should start to feel less painful

Take Charge of Your Lower Back Pain

Living with chronic lower back pain and failing to find relief can cause severe distress. Whether you’re in Arlington, McKinney, or anywhere in TX between the two, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to your own health by seeking the attention of Texas Pain Relief Group today! Together, you and your physician will discuss the possibility of a sympathetic block procedure as a method of chronic lower back pain.

Lumbar Sympathetic Block

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