Electro Diagnostic Test

Electro Diagnostic Test

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As there are dozens of potential symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy, getting a definitive diagnosis is often challenging. Traditional medical doctors rely on a combination of self-reported symptoms and invasive testing to arrive at a diagnosis, which, unfortunately, may be wrong. Perhaps you have been on prescription pain medication for months and are seeing little to no real relief. If so, the first thing you need is a proper diagnosis! That’s where electro diagnostic testing comes in, offering a clearer form of diagnosis that paves the way for optimal treatment.

Understanding Electro Diagnostic Testing

Our electro diagnostic testing consists of two parts. First, our pain management specialist measures the electrical activity of muscles and nerves. This allows us to determine if nerve damage is present. The second part of the test involves testing various muscle groups with a thigh pin. If we do detect nerve damage, your individual results tell us the specific cause of the damage as well as whether your body is responding to your current treatment methods.

How Does Electro Diagnostic Testing Relieve Pain?

After our pain management specialist reviews your results, they make a diagnosis of one of the four types of diabetic neuropathy, if appropriate. The next step is to discuss natural methods of pain relief that make the most sense for you. Electric stimulation helps to calm the nerve fibers damaged by diabetes so that you don’t feel constant pain. Throughout this time, it is also essential to watch your diet, exercise regularly, and maintain excellent blood sugar control for maximum pain relief.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Electro Diagnostic Testing?

If you have untreated diabetic neuropathy or you have already received a diagnosis but the condition is getting worse, you may wish to consider this testing and treatment. Unlike drug therapy that may leave you feeling groggy or cause you to become dependent, electro diagnostic testing reduces your pain with no after effects.

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Dealing with the complications of diabetes can be overwhelming, especially when you hear conflicting information about how to treat them. Fortunately, the physicians of Texas Pain Relief are more than willing to find a solution fitting for you!

Electro Diagnostic Test

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