Our Physicians Specialize in Innovative Pain Management

At Texas Pain Relief Group, we know what it's like to experience pain, from the fatigue of completing everyday tasks to the debilitating pain of performing simple movements, right down to the stress of going from doctor to doctor without lasting relief. If you or your loved one is experiencing chronic or acute pain, we would like to introduce you to the Texas Pain Relief Group.

Our pain clinics are like none other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We know that you may have had negative experiences with healthcare providers in the past and so our primary goal is to instill trust and confidence. Our doctors offer experienced, compassionate healthcare by focusing on finding solutions for your pain, rather than simply masking it with quick remedies that don't last.

As a staff, we offer the latest and highest quality pain management procedures. With an emphasis on alternative pain management, we allow patients the ability to avoid using both over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, unless they're absolutely necessary.

Meet our newest physicians

Dr. John Michels - Pain Specialist

Texas Pain Relief Group is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. John Michels to our group. Dr. Michels is the only practicing pain management physician in the country to have also won a Super Bowl.

His passion for sports and medicine, has allowed him to focus on a medical career that will help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries so that all patients and athletes can continue to perform at their highest level and live pain free.

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Dr. John Michels - Pain Management Specialist ZocDoc

Dr. Ed Singleton - Podiatrist

Texas Pain Relief Group is excited to announce the addition of the first podiatrist to join our physician group.

Dr. Ed Singleton has over 25 years of experience in Podiatry. He is part of a small group of surgeons trained by Lee Dellon MD of Johns Hopkins University, in the surgical treatment of Neuropathy (affected nerves of the foot that may cause burning, tingling, numbness, itching, achy pain or any combination of these symptoms).

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Dr. Ed Singleton - DPM ZocDoc

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Our Specialists Provide Pain Relief in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

We understand that effective chronic pain management does not mean pre-determined techniques and immediate pharmacy therapy. Our team will review you or your loved one's personal history and symptoms, rather than simply look at the numbers. Contact Texas Pain Relief Group to start working towards a pain management solution plan that works for you. We'll walk with you, every step of the way.

Our Vision

To be the first thought patients in pain think of when the words "compassionate health care" comes to mind.

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Our Mission

We will offer every medication, therapy, procedure and any and all available treatment plans that will return our patients back to their optimal quality of life.

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Our Physicians

We are a dedicated team of specialists who will work with you to improve your life, but not at the expense of your body.

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Our Executives

Our leadership team makes the difference. They make us a World Class Organization!

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If you're ready to find out more about how Texas Pain Relief Group can restore you or your loved one to comfortable levels of daily functioning, call our central office in Hurst, Texas at 855-549-7246 or contact us